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video pro cash machine

Dear Frustrated Marketer,

Frankly, I’m baffled...

I mean, video is so HOT right now...

You can simply spend the next 10 minutes putting up a video on Youtube, and have it generate cash for you for months and years!


Most marketers get caught up with spending thousands of dollars and WEEKS of their precious time building websites, creating products, setting up complicated funnels...

... which eventually bomb anyway. All that money down the drain. All that time wasted.

"It's Crazy"

Video marketers like myself will never understand the “herd” mentality.

But frankly, we don’t care either...

Because the less people know about our video marketing methods, the more money we make.

However, because I’ve promised to return a favor to my dear friend... a fellow marketer... who has been so important to my online success, I’ve decided to share my extremely profitable video method for a short time only.                                                                                  

This means if YOU are reading this right now... 

You too can pick up my Youtube video method too and start generating $100... $200... $500/day or more to live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Want to wake up each morning to fresh-smelling paychecks? 


Want to spend more time with your family, while your Paypal account is automatically being flooded with consistent cash? 


Want to generate enough profits to quit your day job?

Well, of course it won’t happen instantly...

But I’d say give yourself 1-2 months and you’re good!

Now before I reveal how ANYONE (with or without marketing experience) can profit with my system, let me introduce myself...

My name is Richard Font, and I’m an Internet entrepreneur.

I have a beautiful family of four, and these days I spend most of my time helping fellow marketers succeed online with the latest, most effective, most profitable marketing strategies.

My passion?

That’s right – Creating and uploading videos onto Youtube.

For example, one of my most recent videos has outranked over 150,000 search page results using the unique strategies I’m about to reveal to you.

And the best part is...

It doesn’t matter if you have zero experience with affiliate marketing, creating videos, uploading or ranking them on Youtube.

You can easily use what I know to start generating a side or even full-time online income for yourself.

Simple Methods To Amazing Results!!
Finally, I'm RevealingThe Secret 
Methods To Your Very Own
Cash Machine...

"Introducing Video Pro Cash Machine"
4 Simple Steps To Get Money In Your Pockets!!
The Quickest, Easiest Way To Pull
In Consistent Cash With Simple Youtube Videos

Video Pro Cash Machine is a complete step-by-step system that shows you how to easily create and upload Youtube videos to start churning out affiliate cash in the niche of your choice.

And designed for both newbies and experienced marketers, this unique video training program reveals “secret weapons” that allow anyone to quickly outrank, outperform, and out-profit the competition at will.

You’ll know how to spy on your competition, reverse-engineer any success they already have, and overtake them with next-level success while leaving them caught with their pants down!

And with your newfound ability, you too can dominate Youtube and start taking advantage of the millions of traffic to easily surpass your goal of $100… $200… $500 a day or more, easy.

Let me breakdown the powerful modules for you...

"You Can Achieve The Same Results By Just Following
A Few Simple Steps"
  • You Don’t Need to be Expert to do this Strategy
  • You don’t need to have mailing List
  • You don’t Need to create Your own product
  • You Don’t Need a Big Marketing Budget
  • You don’t need any Special Skills
  • You don’t Even Need To Build a Website
Follow The Process And The Results Will Follow
Here's What's Inside VPCM
(Value $97)
Gearing For Success

In the first module, I lay down the expectations for you in this video training. You will learn how to create 3-8 minute videos promoting products that will get you paid anywhere from tens to hundreds of dollars PER SALE.

You will also learn how to WREAK HAVOC in the affiliate marketing space, and you’ll discover what it takes to become a super affiliate.

And with the unique strategy I’m going to teach you, you will gain video marketing mastery to enter and dominate almost any niche as you like.

Best part? This strategy is “rinse and repeat”. Simply follow the blueprint and it will bring you results like you never imagined possible.

(Value $197)
Winning Niche Selection

Next, I’m going to show you how to pick a “strong magnet” product that will attract buyers from all directions, and enable you to reap the most profits with the least effort.

And as some of the best-selling products require you to get permission from the product seller before you can promote, I’ll show you the simple one sentence to type to get that permission. Works like magic!

Plus, we’ll cover niche selection, grabbing your product info link, and a whole lot more to start generating sales like clockwork on Youtube.

(Value $297)
It's Video Time!

In the third module, we get to the “meat” of the system. You’ll discover the quickest, easiest way to record & upload your video, and I’ll show you free and paid tools you can use to get the job done like a Pro.

I’ll also walk you through LIVE videos I created that are now making me money on Youtube on complete autopilot.

What’s more, you’ll learn what kind of content to include in your videos, what to put in the video description box, and a simple formula for instantly bonding with your viewers to get them buying through your videos and affiliate links. (And not from your competitors)

As a result, you’ll build a Youtube following that you can monetize over and over again, the same way Internet marketers build and monetize their own email lists.

(Value $397)
Destroying Your Competition

You’ll find this the most exciting part of the program. Here, I will give you the exact content format I use so YOU can Research and Destroy your competition. 

That means sneakily outranking them, such as by using my favorite “time placement” strategy, and funneling Youtube views to YOUR videos instead of theirs. When you discover this winning strategy, you’ll laugh at just how easy and outrageously profitable it is.

Best of all, this whole process of “eliminating the competition” takes just 10-15 minutes (MAX) if you do it the way I show you.

(Value $497)
Cash Flow Maxout

You need consistency to maximize your profits and earnings. That’s why in the final module, you’ll discover the most powerful tips, tricks and techniques to increase your exposure, grow your Youtube following, and ultimately, skyrocket your video profits.

This allows you to quickly launch your online income from a few sales... to dozens of sales a day with EACH video… and suddenly you’ll find yourself surpassing $100 per day and climbing higher as each day passes!

Believe me, you’ll be exploding with excitement because making real consistent cash online has NEVER been easier with Video Pro Cash Machine.

And remember, you don’t need any special knowledge, skill or experience to get started.

You don’t even need to create a product or website to profit with the system day in day out.

And yes, this program is perfect for you even if you’ve never created a video in your entire life, because I show you how to do it almost effortlessly using tools that handle the work for you.

In fact, creating simple cash-churning videos is so easy even a 12 year old kid could do it too!

But of course, you must do it the right way... the exact way I’m going to show you... or your profits might crash and burn like so many clueless video marketers.

Listen, there’s more…

Because I want to handsomely reward the customers who trust me, I’ve prepared a special collection of bonuses just for them. And if YOU act now, you too can grab these “prizes” before they are gone.

Here's The Bottom Line...

I'm going put it like this ... By The End of this Training You Will certainly have the Full expertise on the EXACT PROCESS & METHODS to create STREAM of CASH in your business regardless of what specific niche you find yourself in, you can make use of the exact same structure to repeat over and over again!!

I have NOT REVEALED this Process to Anyone, this is Exclusive Just For YOU....

You will have the Exact FORMULA at Your Fingertips, Literally!!! 

Your "Fast Mover" Special Bonuses
Video Cards

Instantly make your blog or site more engaging using Video Cards, using this plugin you can instantly add videos, video cards and more directly to your site.

You can add the videos in popups, add them as widgets, add video cards and more.

You can use on as many sites as you own.

Worth $37 But Yours Free When You Buy Video Pro Cash Machine
Private Members Only Facebook Group

Get full INSTANT access to this exclusive mastermind group and brainstorm with other members who are crushing it online with Video Pro Cash Machine. This is your golden key to take your success to the next level. Plan your next strategy in our “Bat Cave”. We are dedicated to helping each other, and we will RISE together.

(Value $297)
Mastermind Webinar Session

Got questions during the training? You will have full access with me anytime you need to discuss something, and you’ll also be given the exclusive opportunity join my 1-on-1 coaching program to fast-track your success.

(Value $47)
MP3 Of The Video Course

Listen to the training program in your car or while you’re working out. Absorb the powerful tips, techniques and strategies on the go. Simply put on your earphones and let the automatic “transmission” of skills and knowledge happen!

(Value $197)
"365 Secret Headlines For Your Business"

You can use these powerful, high-converting headlines for emails, blog posts, social media posts, Video titles and so much more. Forget spending hundreds even thousands of dollars on a top copywriter. Use this ultra-valuable stash of “profit pullers” at your disposable, and start skyrocketing your sales.

Priority Customer Support

You will receive full access for any questions that you have

Is Video Pro Cash Machine For You?

I’ll be honest...

Video Pro Cash Machine isn’t for everyone.

For example, if you’re already making $10,000 per month with affiliate marketing, this video training program might not be for you.

On the other hand...

If you’re still struggling to generate at least $100 a day, and you want to achieve this in the quickest, easiest, most profitable way possible...

If you know that video marketing is the “highway” to online success, and you want to gain instant mastery...

If you’re sick and tired of buying expensive products, courses and programs that fail to bring results...

Then you’re going to LOVE Video Pro Cash Machine.

In fact, I’m so confident this easy-to-follow, step-by-step training will be the best investment you’ll ever make, that I’m eliminating ALL the risk for you with a full money back guarantee.

Your 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Use Video Pro Cash Machine for the next 30 days, and start putting up as many “cash machines” on Youtube as you want. If, for any reason, you’re not thrilled with all the sales and profits you’re going to be generating, just let me know for a prompt and courteous refund - No questions asked.

That’s how confident I am that this unique step-by-step system will work a MIRACLE in your life.

Just imagine how much your life’s going to change when you can finally say goodbye to building websites, creating products, and getting caught up with all that nitty-gritty.

For the first time ever, you can rely on a simple, yet outrageously profitable system to generate a full-time online income of $100… $200… $500 a day or more.

By creating and uploading simple videos, and doing NOTHING else, you’re going to start making more money than what 90% of other marketers are making, which means you can finally look forward to living the ‘Ultimate’ lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

You’ll be able to start travelling the world, afford whatever you feel like buying, and perhaps even quit your day job if that’s what you want.

At last, you’ll be able to provide your family with a really comfortable lifestyle.

Isn’t that what you want?

If so, you must hurry before other ambitious marketers get their hands on the program, dominate YOUR niche, and leave you with zero chance of ever succeeding.

So don’t wait…

Your time is now.

Let me help you.

Just click on the button below to get started with Video Pro Cash Machine now...

video pro cash machine

Module 1: Behind The Scene Of Your Cash Machine: VALUE $97

Module 2: Picking A Product For A Winning Campaign: VALUE $197 

Module 3: Simple & Fast Setup For Video Recording/Promotion: VALUE $297 

Module 4: Research & Destroy Your Competition: VALUE $397 

Module 5: Cash Flow Max Out:  VALUE $497 

Bonus1 MP3 Of The Video Course: VALUE $37 

Bonus2 "365 Secret Headlines For Your Business": VALUE $97 

Bonus3 Mastermind Webinar Session: VALUE $997 

Bonus4 Private Members Only Facebook GROUP: VALUE PRICELESS

Over $2600 in Value!!!!

So here's the deal, I know that you will be 100% satisfied with the methods and techniques that you learned within this course.

They are so easy that ANYONE can do them.

1) You can Exit this Page, miss out on this opportunity to make some changes in your life and put some money in your pockets. 


2) Do like 99% of people who come to this page, click the Buy Now button below to put this process under your belt and go out there making a killing using this strategy

video pro cash machine
To Your Success..

P.S. Remember, your purchase is backed by a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. So you’ve absolutely nothing to lose, and a lifetime of video profits to gain. I’ll see you on the inside...

P.P.S.  The longer you’re not taking action the more money you’re losing.

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